Phillip Pattinson

Phillip Pattinson
Current Team
Aug 23 - May 24
23-24 Season

I mainly joined Tubbies because I love football, but didn’t feel I could play competitively due to my availability, fitness and injuries.

Tubbies is the type of project I needed 20 years ago. I was 2.5 stone bigger than I am now, loads unfitter and basically struggling every match. I couldn’t last longer then 15-20 minutes and every team I played for I was the fattest and unfittest player even though I was one of the youngest… I needed a Tubbies then.

I lost weight in my thirties and became a better player because of it and three years ago I was asked to start playing over 35’s, but then I got an injury that took me 18 months just to get full movement back and still I have issues with it. During that time I started coaching and because of the injury and coaching I didn’t have chance to play for three years, so when I realised I wanted to get back into playing football I checked out Tubby FC and I love it.

I guess in regard to having a goal I would love to get in a condition that I feel that I could do a job at over 35’s and then hopefully have a shot at that.

If being honest it’s not just about the weight and the knee even though I often pretend it is. That’s why this is at the end of this bio and not at the beginning because I wasn’t going to mention this, but here we are.

I needed something for myself and something that I could hopefully make friends from. Not after best friends to do everything with just nice to have a pint and a craic to forget things.

I’ve had lots of issues over the last 5 years where I had to watch my kids suffer and no one would help or listen to me and I’ve lost all confidence. I was never a social butterfly and I do have friends, but I struggle with small talk and although I’m not shy I often keep quiet and just listen rather than taking part. Playing football I feel confident. I feel I can do something again. Even if I’m not the best player I feel I can run and do the hard work that allows others to get the goals. I feel I can make a difference on a pitch and that I’m needed/wanted and that’s a feeling I didn’t always have in my personal life. Now my partner is and was always there for me, but I wouldn’t always let her help and closed myself down, I came off social media and closed myself off from the world. Coaching got me back out there involved in something I love and Tubbies gives me something else to look forward to. I love Friday and playing football and then having a pint or two afterwards. I forget everything for them few hours and I go home bouncing like an excited kid. Honestly it’s geeky and sad how happy I am afterwards haha.

I’m at Tubbies not just for the fitness, friends and football, but because it’s helping me become me again and stopping me from hiding from the world.

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Aug 23 - May 24

SeasonClubAppearancesGoalsAssistsYellow CardsRed CardsMOMClean SheetOwn GoalsWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
23-24 SeasonTubbyFC3011000033.330.0066.67


5 - 1
23-24 Season
St Benedicts RUFC

Bennies Over 35's vs TubbyFC

4 - 0
23-24 Season
Toryglen Football Centre Glasgow

Celtic Legends FFIT vs TubbyFC

9 - 2
23-24 Season
St Benedicts RUFC

TubbyFC vs Celtic Legends FFIT