Niah Vaughan

Niah Vaughan
Current Team
Aug 23 - May 24
23-24 Season

I joined tubby fc because I had a idea of a team where lads that were suffering from real weight issues/mental health issues and love the game of football but have been put off because of how they feel in there own mind and body’s.

What better way than a team made up of lads that are all in that boat. This idea not only tackled the lads confidence of getting back out there and playing but also tackles some mental issues by giving them a outlet on the pitch to get rid of them thoughts and feeling for a few hours.

All round it was meant to help mind and body by playing the beautiful game.

To be honest I planned on taking this idea around any person that would listen and wouldn’t stop until someone did. Luckily for me I saved a lot of time as the first person I asked (wammo) happened to love the idea as much as me and with his help the project was created.

I’m grateful for what this project is now and seeing what some of the lads have wrote hopefully inspires more tubbies to get involved and try take back control of their own lives and feelings. #upthetubbies

Aug 23 - May 24

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6 - 5
23-24 Season
St Benedicts RUFC

TubbyFC vs NHS International FC

4 - 0
23-24 Season
Toryglen Football Centre Glasgow

Celtic Legends FFIT vs TubbyFC